3rd Annual Bridal Night Out 


Here we are again, as time approaches for our 3rd Annual Bridal Night Out Fashion Show and Expo. We are delighted to have such amazing team of vendors, models and support. Our theme this year is just black & white tie.
Our bridal event will take place at the beautiful venue in the Big E area called “Storrowton Tavern & Carriage House” located at 1305 Memorial Ave. west Springfield. We have an amazing group of wedding professionals waiting to share their ideas and tips on how to make your wedding easy, stress free and affordable. You can learn more by visiting our facebook events page. 

Vendors who will be at our show will be listed in no order

  • Mary Kay
  • ThirtyOne
  • All’Asta
  • Card Box Rentals
  • Younique
  • Jamberry Nails
  • Partylite
  • Pink Zebra
  • Athenas
  • BTTR Booths
  • Herbalife
  • Traveling Vineyard
  • Celebrating Home
  • It Works
  • Justice of Peace
  • Pure Romance
  • Quivanna
  • Karlene Designs
  • Bridal Corner
  • BusyMoms Bridal
  • Golden Bloom Flowers
  • Jeunesse
  • Style Dots
  • Simply Said
  • Arbonne
  • Avon
  • Domyannas Boutique
  • Makeup by Johanna Rivas
  • Makeup by Johanna Gallup
  • Makeup by Erin Skelly
  • Hairstylist for models by Virtue Salon of Excellence
  • Our event DJ is DJ Diaz Service

Our MC of the day is Ayanna Crawford from The Ayanna Crawford Show 

Ayanna Crawford an Educational Consultant and Motivational speaker for nonprofits, and colleges in the Pioneer Valley,       

Ayanna C.Crawford (Springfield) is the proud mother of two children with one in college. She also is the owner/ President of AC consulting Services. She is also the host of the Ayanna C.Crawford show inside excellence scheduled to aired on focus Springfield as well as the new co-host for the BLE program with State Rep Ben Swan on WTCC.

Currently Ayanna serves on the board of directors for the American Red Cross and Total Women Conference, Inc, She is an Alumni from Leadership Pioneer Valley , which cultivates emerging leadership in the pioneer valley. Ayanna has been awarded 2013 women in leadership (Action award) from the TWA. Her motto: Is to be the change you want to see in the world- Ghandi

Our models are a huge part of this event without them we have no one to show off those new trends.

Female Models:

  • Jessica Reyes
  • Adalgiza Peralta
  • Zoraida Ares
  • Shawnay Andrades
  • Lexi Lopes
  • Wendeliz Diaz
  • Cardion Collins
  • Gabriella Caceres
  • Mariangelize Rodriguez
  • Lixsweth Garcia
  • Kesha Minnifield
  • Sonia Lopes
  • Jean M. Langevin
  • Daviana Plaza
  • Samantha DiGiovanni
  • Heather
  • Sandra 

Male Models:

  • Jose A. Reyes
  • Brian Reyes
  • Angel Muriel
  • Edgar O. Lozada
  • Peter Soto
  • J’Ceon Eberhart
  • Kayden Minnifield 

We will have several photographers, media, Internet gurus and more. 

For more information on tickets you can purchase tickets via online or be on the look for free tickets from either your vendors, or mix 93.1 today and tomorrow between 6:00-9:00am, where Zito and Karen will be offering freebies. 


The most exciting time of the Year!!


There comes a time in life when we decide to be happy, and that time is now, getting engaged. Couples are always choosing dates when it comes to making it special, a time to remember all their life and a time to share with loved ones. Some choose to get engaged on Christmas, some on New Years but the most important thing is these two holidays are one to always remember and one to always be on the look, According to a survey conducted by wedding website, TheKnot.com, 39 percent of marriage proposals occur between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day with 16 percent happening at Christmastime.

New Years Eve has become an increasingly popular day to get engaged for many couples. It is a new year and a new start. Many couples have plans to go out somewhere anyways, so maybe their significant other is not as suspicious of their plans to propose because they already have planned a big night out.

Engagement ring shopping has also changed because of technology and social media.

Almost every lady that comes in has a ring that she likes on her Pinterest account. About 50 percent of engagement ring customers will shop with a close friend or the mother of their bride-to-be.

So all we have to do now is sit, wait and see who and how many get engaged from now until January 1st, 2015 and other years to come!!!

Happy Engagement from IT Events 

Common Bridal Shower Themes

Today’s bridal showers often have themes, both to create a special type of party, and to help guests choose the right type of gift. The following examples are themes you can suggest for your clients bridal showers:

Jack ‘n’ Jill shower: If both the bride and groom are invited to attend the entire shores, it’s referred to as a Jack ‘n’ Jill, or couple, shower. Guests would give gifts that both the bride and groom can use, such as barbecue equipment. 


Pantry Shower: A pantry shower involves giving the bride and groom gifts to stock their cupboards. Canned goods, prepared foods, and gourmet specialties qualify as appropriate gifts; cooking equipment, however, isn’t appropriate.


Lingerie Shower: A lingerie shower is an all-female shower. All lingerie items are acceptable, and the guests or brides-maids may chip in to buy the bridal negligee. The invitation should list the brides size and color preference.


Round -the-clock shower: For a round-the-clock shower, each guests receives an invitation that has a certain hour of the day written in it.  Each guest then brings a gift that’s related to the hour specified on his or her invitation. For example, if the invitation specifies 10 a.m., the guests could give the bride a set of his-and-hers coffee mugs. Or if the invitation specifies 6 p.m., the guest could give cocktail glasses.


Photo taken from Michellepaigeblog

Gardening Shower: For a gardening shower, examples of good gift ideas include tools, gloves, and equipment, as well as bulbs, seeds, and outdoor plants. If the bride lives in an apartment, guests can give her items for a window garden.


Recipe Shower: For a recipe shower, each guest brings his or her favorite recipe and any small gadgets required to make the dish. These showers are ideal for proxy showers, which can be organized for the brides who live out of town and cant attend a traditional bridal shower; the recipes and gadgets can easily be shipped to her.


Paper Shower; At a paper shower, paper flowers, table mats, monogrammed napkins, books of matches, magazine subscriptions, and kitchen plastic ware items are considered appropriate gifts.


All gifts should be packaged in a manner that keeps with the theme of the shower. For example, gifts for a recipe shower could be packaged in a picnic basket. The gifts themselves can be used as decorations., because unlike the wedding, the primary purpose of the shower is for the bride to receive gifts from family and friends.

Shower invitations may also indicate if a wishing well will be present at the shower. A wishing well is intended to hold small, additional gifts of minimal value, such as sponges and dish detergent; these small gifts are usually meant to help the bride set up her new household. The gifts can be placed, unmarked, into replica of a well. In addition, they don’t have to be wrapped. 

Traditionally, shower gifts were handmade with loving care. However, with today’s time constraints, guests usually don’t have time to craft their own gifts; because of this, guests should spend some extra time selecting the appropriate gift. 

Guests should bring their gifts to the shower. If a guest can’t accept the invitation, he or she is under no obligation to send a gift; however, because the guest is likely to be a relative or close friend of the bride, he or she may wish to send a gift anyway; it should be sent in advance so the bride can open it at the same time she opens the other gifts.

A card should be enclosed with each gift, and the maid of honor should sit near the bride as she opens the gifts to secure the card to each present. This process makes it much easier for the bride to later write her thank-you notes.

Bridal Shower Gifts

The concept of a bridal shower is reportedly derived from two different legends originating from Holland. According to the first leyend, a Dutch bride fell in love with a poor man, and her family refused to sanction the marriage by withholding her dowry. When the couples friends hears about their dilemma, they hosted a party and showered the bride with gifts intended for her new home with thw groom. According to the second legend, the brides family was poor and unable to pay her dowry. To help the bride, the women in her community decided to host a party to shower her with gifts for her new home with groom-the gifts served as her dowry.
Regardless of which legend is true, bridal showers have since been hosted in honor of the bride to celebrate her upcoming marriage. This type of party provides you with an excellent opportunity to step in and help the bridesmaids plan and organize the affair.


Planning the shower

You should research halls and restaurants that specialize in catering bridal showers. For example, some catering halls will cater the shower at a special discounted rate if the brides wedding is also booked at the same location. In addition, try to develop unique ideas fr the decorating scheme and centerpieces. Find vendors who specialize in selling favors and decorations. Ultimately, you may charge a separate fee for helping to plan the bridal shower, or you can include this service as a part of your entire coordination fee.

You don’t need to hire entertainment for a bridal shower because the highlight of the party is when the bride opens the gifts. The type of gifts they would give for the engagement and the wedding. The invitation to the shower usually specifies the appropriate type of gift (for example, items for the kitchen) that should be given: the indicated first are most often related to the theme of the shower.


Gifts Found at Elite Weddings Boutique

Favors, which are small tokens given to the bridal shower guests as an informal thank-you, are often put at each place setting or distributed at the party’s end. These favors may be small fits of soaps, tiny picture frames, or potted plants. Often, the centerpiece, which is used as a prize in some of the many games played at a shower, is a larger version of the favors.

Most showers shouldn’t last more than two hours, except for luncheons and evening showers, which can last for three hours. In addition, the food served to guests should be kept simple and light, even if its a Jack’ n’ Jill, or couple, shower, which is when the groom and his friends are invited to the entire shower.

Because guests invited to an encore ceremony are never obligated to give a gift, bridal showers aren’t usually hosted for remarriages. Though many of the couples relatives and close friends will give wedding presents, expecting a bridal shower is considered excessive and inappropriate. 


Gifts found at Elite Weddings Boutique

Hosting a bridal shower costs money and takes time to plan. However, the party shouldn’t be so complex that it becomes a burden to those who are planning it. Creativity can be the key to keeping costs down, and developing a theme helps make it easier for guests to select an appropriate gift.

G Boutique

G Boutique, great high end fashion store coming this Wednesday January 15th at Chicopee Ma. You do not want to miss this event, a night full of fashion and glamour, grand opening will be begin from 4:00-5:00pm our VIP hour and networking event, from 7:00-8:00pm Fashion Show. Amy Patt is the owner and Elite Wedding & Events will be hosting this event. Great vendors, media, music and more. You can read more about G Boutique at http://www.gboutique-chicopee.com


Milton A. Lozada & Yaisha Ortiz


Milton & Yaisha meet on 2010, at a typical Hispanic party, where like all teens visit just to have fun while being single, not expecting to find true love. It was a friends celebration, they knew it was first love when eyes to eyes met at one glance. Walking towards Yaisha, Milton decided to ask her for a dance and she accepted without remorse, after a few hours of fun, laughter, and dancing both single teens exchange phone numbers, a few months later of phone calls,dating and knowing more about each other they decided to take the relationship to another level as “Boyfriend” & “Girlfriend”.

When it comes to special moments we choose to cherish, everyone has a different perspective. Milton & Yaishas first official date was to the Boston Museum, where he asked Yaisha to meet his parents, to her surprise and everyone’s we know what it means when the guy says, ” I want you to meet my parents”, lol Yaisha was nervous and with butterflies in her stomach she said “ok”.

As time passed by they found themselves so deeply inlove, this love and passion took them to bring a beautiful child to this world, a boy who calling her “mommy” fills her life with joy & happiness, his name is Yaimil Edwardo Lozada, he is the charm to their future, the one who gives them a reason to wake up every morning smile, working hard each day to bring what needs to bring in a home sweet home.


This lovely couple I can say are so passionate and devoted to one another, they work together and struggle together, if one falls, the other is there to lend the hand and lift up, not many teen couples think like this anymore, honestly the true meaning of love has been vanishing from time.


Yaimil, their child has been the reason for the strong bond they have together, he has been he reason Milton decided to ask Yaishas hand in marriage. Such an emotional moment when it comes to see the groom kneel down on one knee and ask, “would you marry me?”, well this couple was the opposite, lol he asked her hand in marriage while driving his car, which makes the story kind of funny and so totally cool, something new, she said “yes”, and from their they chooses the date to “March 2014”, Milton says what he totally loves about his fiancé is her cooking, her compassionate way of being mom, and future wife, not forgetting to mention he falls crazy in love with her because she is so sexy. Yaisha says she loves the way he is always surprising her with details, hard working man and a wonderful father. She says when they look eye to eye, it’s like having the world put in pause.



I am so happy Milton & Yaisha has chosen “Elite Wedding & Events” to share such a special moment in life, and we will make their wedding the best time to remember!!


Thank you Flowers by Webster for allowing us to use your floral location.

RK Bridal

Congratulations, you’re engaged!! One of the first few questions we were asked after I got engaged was “Where are you registering??” At that moment, registering was the last thought on my mind! I was still in shock that I had this beautiful ring on my finger and that I was now a “fiancé.”

Although this time of your life can be slightly overwhelming (tasks, money, family, etc.,) it is also a lot of fun!! When we did make the decision to start registering, Bloomingdale’s was our 1st stop!

Information on the event

We are so excited to announce that RK Bridal will be joining Bloomingdale’s located at The Shops at Riverside in NJ for The “Pre-Wedding” Wedding Party on January 23rd, 2013 from 7PM-9PM!

Not registered yet? No problem!! What a fantastic night to begin your registry and meet with the top vendors participating in this event!

Already have a registry at Bloomingdale’s? Fabulous!!…

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Help Your Bridesmaids Get Budget Savings for your Wedding!

Sharon Naylor Wedding Books


Bridesmaids today spend over $1,000 to be in a wedding — that is, to be in each wedding, and they may be in more than one bridal party this year! So be the best bride possible by giving them my new book Bridesmaid on a Budgetwhich I filled with budget-savers and my favorite resources, so that they can cut their spending waaaaaay down!

They’ll find savings ideas on the following top bridesmaid expenses:

* The Dress

* The Shoes

* Hair and Makeup

* Bridal Shower Decor

* Bridal Shower Menus

* Bridal Shower Cakes

* Bridal Shower Drinks

* Bridal Shower Games

* The Bachelorette Party

* Travel and Lodging for the Wedding

* Gifts for You (!)

* Travel and expenses for shopping trips

* And more…

I’ve packed this book with ways they can get FREEBIES as well! And some things YOU can do to get them price…

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