Preparing the Guest List

When planning a wedding, the most difficult task is preparing the guest list, some couples end up creating this huge list of guest which 20% you have no communication with in years, then to realize they’ve moved or will not be able to attend, this is why I as a planner let my brides & grooms know how important it is to concentrate on your guest list.

Make sure you take time writing, re-writing, re-reading and decide together on who should or should not remain there. It has come to my attention how social media has taken a huge way of communicating with guests, I’ve seen brides create a wedding guest list or RSVP facebook page, Although e-mailing wedding invitations isn’t considered proper, asking guests to RSVP by e-mail is becoming more common.

Table plan black lace

Whenever I start organizing a party, regardless of how big or small, one of the first things I like to do is sit down and come up with the guest list.
Why do I do this so early in the process? The number of people at your event will effect every aspect of planning and decorating. Keeping this number in mind (even if its just an estimate) will help you focus and stay on budget.
  • Location: Home or outside the home? Everyone’s answer to this question will vary depending on (1) how many people you are planning to invite, (2) how much space you have available, and (3) your ability to adapt the available space to your needs. For example, if you have a large backyard and are planning a party you might be better off saving the money you’d spend on renting a space and spend it on getting your backyard party ready.
  • Tables and chairs: Guests need a place to sit! Despite what you may think, people awkwardly standing around hoping to land some space on the couch is not ok. The size of the guest list will help you decide on how many tables and chairs you’ll need to keep guests comfy. If you don’t have enough you can rent. Prices will vary depending on what part of the U.S you live in and what kind of chairs you want, but on average can cost anywhere from $0.75 to $7.00 a chair. Tables will be a few dollars more depending on size and shape (square v. round). Churches and local community centers are also known to rent/lend out tables and chairs for a small fee or donation and sometimes even for free.
  • Food, drink and snacks: Don’t invite people if you can’t feed them. It doesn’t matter if you’re only planning on serving a light meal or finger food, there should be enough of everything for everyone. The size of your guest list will help you determine just how much food you need to order/buy/make yourself. The same goes for the cake: Knowing how many guests you have will help you avoid the mistake of ordering a cake too large and wasting money or ordering too small and having to skimp on the servings.
  • Decorations: A small gathering that’s over decorated will look suffocating and the overall effect lost, while a large party with too few decorations looks rushed and not well thought out. With the number of guests in mind you’ll also have an idea of how much space you need and how to make it flow. It’s important to find a balance between the amount of people that will be there and the use of the space.
  • Party Favors: Show your appreciation for your guests by giving each a special favor. Whether it be small boxes of candies or a handmade gift with sentimental value, guests appreciate receiving something special. Knowing how many you’ll need will let you choose what kind of favors are within your budget for each person and what kind best fits your event.
  • Your time and energy: Be honest with yourself. Who do you reallywant to share your party with? Is the size of the celebration something you can handle right now, or would you be more comfortable with a more intimate get together? This is the time to really think about how much and what you can fit on your plate.


When coming up with my own lists I have one column for the number of adults and another for the children. I do this because children have different wants and interests. Even if it is an event aimed more at adults you should be considerate of your younger guests and think about giving them a space where they can play and be comfortable.


Once I have my list, I add up the names in the two columns and include 5 more just to cover myself in case I’ve forgotten anyone and remember later on. For a wedding or very large event three months before the date should be your limit for editing the guest list in anyway. For smaller parties, two  to three weeks.


Next time you’re planning a party, try this method and see how it works for you!




Quince Planner on the go,….

Good morning, well as you all know when you are a Wedding & Event Planner, you wear many hats, their is just not one event you can not say “NO” to. These couple of days, weeks and months, I will be the “Quinceanera Planner on the go”, I have a six months to plan a  Quinceanero and will be very busy visiting vendors, decorating and so forth.

Working as a planner and coordinator for a “Quinceanera”, it alsmot like a wedding, it has many details as the weddings. Find transportation, invitations, photographer, videographer, decorations, church, venues, etc, etc… the only thing that can change are depending on what the parent wants, they can choose to have a small “Quince” or a big one, as far as a wedding even though it is small or big it requires the full details,…

My quince client wants “Damask” black & white color. Something elegant and traditional. Very beautiful, delicate and classy warm colors for a young girl transitioning from girl to women.

Stay on the look for more details as I go from Wedding to Quince planner on the go for these couple of days, weeks and months to come. Until then,.. Happy Wedding Saturday!!!

Meeting today with Women Wellness Day Spa

Here I am today again as always on the go, I have an exciting meeting with a Women Wellness Day Spa who wants to partner up with Elite Wedding & Event Planning.


So on our meeting today I will be offered a tour of the salon, chat then grab some informational packages for my brides to be. I for one am excited because I get to try their work before my brides do, aaaahhhhh the though of just sitting back and relieve all my stress and craziness.


Partnering with us is really important, we want I give our sponsors, vendors, all comfort we can, this is why I will be offering them one of my services for free as well, this is what you call networking and helping each other. I am really looking forward to growing my business here locally because it is a tough place, I mean with the economy and all it seems brides are wanting to plan their weddings on their own, which don’t get me wrong I think it’s an awesome idea, but let’s be honest here for a second, if you can afford it…..wouldn’t you want to hire a wedding planner? Even me being a planner I would hire one, weddings are special, an experience to enjoy not to stress over.


So like I said before, I am really looking forward to this meeting and will post pictures of the salon and all information for all you brides out there. Until later!!!!


Painting day today

As always another day and on the go. Today I will have my office pianted, get somethings in there, and still working on gathering supplies for a new bride, she wants to see a mock table on how her guests table will look like.


Then I have my head full of activities like come up with a plan for my November Bridal show, a soon to come Brid Bootcamp and so much more to grow my business.

I am also thinking of a small grand openning of my office, just a “There’s a new business in town” sort of theme, maybe handout some brochures, business cards, balloons etc.
On the go, on the go, on the go.

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New meeting today


Here I am dragging myself to get things set for an afternoon meeting. My body aches, and to imagine my pain of taking things to my office, yes you heard right, I havent taken anything to my office, I got held by the vacation week.
Today I will be meeting with a new bride, a 2013 bride. I will be meeting with her at a coffee location because I have nothing in my office.

I will be posting updates if she hires my services. I am excited and will be pretty busy  I will be joining professionals and other vendors at the Fall New England Bridal Show, so this is something I am always looking foward to. Its a great experience to meet and greet the brides, the smiles and joy in their faces. I will be contacting my vendors and see if they want to provide samples, I usuallu provide the brides my preffered vendors list instantly if they book us on the show.
So this is it for now, I need to finalize some papers for my meeting. Hasta luego.

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Wddding bells,.. How I love weddings- gift registry ideas

Here are some basic gift registry ideas:

*Small kitchen appliances
   (coffee makers, blenders, toasters, etc.)
*Kitchen utensils/accesories
*Table linens (napkins, placemats, etc.)
*Dishes, glassware, and china
*Small household appliances
     (clocks, vacuum cleaners, etc.)
*Bathroom accesories
    (soap dishes, wastebaskets, etc.)
*Bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths
*Bed sheets, comforters, curtains, and quilts

You can add many more as you search the internet and see what supplies you are most in need of.

The many hats of a wedding planner


Wedding planners wear many hats when it comes to work. Sometimes we can do something or do it all, or sometimes we need to learn and say “no” to everything, before we can say yes, but this seems a bit hard because as a Wedding Planner we love our brides and all we want is to see them happy no matter what. Like me, here I am posting on my blog through my phone, while running errands, looking around to expand my business to a bigger place.
Many hats of a wedding planner can be good and can also be heavy, hectic and draining. I try to please my brides in all I am capable of, and creative. If I can make a flower arrangement  I do it, if I have to make invitations,…i make them.
We can decorate as well as plan anything to please our brides.
Today I visited a local and fell so inlove with it, I want to lease it so badly I can taste success. I will keep you all posted on my new business… I am ALWAYS there for my Brides no matter what, and this is why I said “THE MANY HATS OF A WEDDING PLANNER”,


My Brides

My Life

Their Wedding

My Plan

Their Dreams & Visions

Will Come True!!!!!

Church, Flowers, and more planning

Well a wedding is almost here and I am still on the verge of my sanity,.. I have to visit the church today and make some last minute investigations, visit the brides mom and gather information about the wedding cake, just making sure it will arrive on time. Then visit the florist to view the brides bouquet, bridesmaids bouquets and grooms boutineers.

Like I said we are always on the go. I have a contract to sign with another couple so lets, see how that goes. This is not my design but it is similar to what will be done at my next wedding plans.