Mis Quince!!

This is a time in life when a young girl turns into a women, a rite of passage which changes a young girls life for ever. True meaning in the traditional Hispanic family, and where does this tradition come from? The quinceañera celebration of a girl’s fifteenth birthday is held to mark her passage to womanhood, to give thanks to God for his blessings, and to present a young woman to the community. In Mexican communities, the quinceañera serves not only to honor the young woman for her maturity, but also the girl’s parents and family, as well as her padrinos or godparents.

Each place celebrate rites-of-passages differently, some celebrate the famous sweet sixteen, or even a sweet eighteen, and each one has a strong beautiful meaning to every ones lives, especially the person celebrating this day. The placing crown on the girls head, giving her the very first bible, the father daughter dance, the dad exchanging her shoes to heels, their are many, many ways to make this moment a dream to never forget.

Celebrating “Mis Quince”, can be done in several ways and also decorated in several ways, the quinceañera can wear from white gown to the color coordination gown used in her decoration, like my quinceañera here, she wore a red gown to match and coordinate her decoration. This is a really meaningful moment for each girl, make it wisely, make it fun, and above all, make it a moment to remember. A time to laugh, a time to cry, a time to see your child grow right before your eyes.


By Jessica Ares

Elite Wedding & Events- Wedding Planner

Pictures taken by K & C Photography



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Bridal Show

Well the time is finally here, that moment each bride is waiting, each vendor, each wedding professional. Every year I am looking forward to visiting several shows around New England and just blog about them, but this year I might change my way of viewing these shows or the places I visit, I am planning on visiting a show in different cities, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and so forth, .

I am going to be assisting the Bridal Show this coming saturday so be on the look for my blog post and wonderful pictures.

Bridal Night Out Registration Form


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