New meeting today


Here I am dragging myself to get things set for an afternoon meeting. My body aches, and to imagine my pain of taking things to my office, yes you heard right, I havent taken anything to my office, I got held by the vacation week.
Today I will be meeting with a new bride, a 2013 bride. I will be meeting with her at a coffee location because I have nothing in my office.

I will be posting updates if she hires my services. I am excited and will be pretty busy  I will be joining professionals and other vendors at the Fall New England Bridal Show, so this is something I am always looking foward to. Its a great experience to meet and greet the brides, the smiles and joy in their faces. I will be contacting my vendors and see if they want to provide samples, I usuallu provide the brides my preffered vendors list instantly if they book us on the show.
So this is it for now, I need to finalize some papers for my meeting. Hasta luego.

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Happy New Year 2012, how many are getting married???

Did you know researchers say each year the percentage of the groom poping the question on New Years Day grows more and more? Well if this is new to you, it is not new to me, I have read article, seen the highlights of how this day is the most special touching day for brides & grooms to be.

Each year the rise percentage of couples getting engaged has went from 15% to 88%, now this is a huge number, and why is this happening?, I personally do not know, but as a wedding planner I can say its the best way to start your new year, everyone want a fresh start, grooms want to express their love to their brides by leaning on one knee and asking their hand in marriage either at family and friends prescence or on tv while celebrating the count down. This is a really emotional time and something worth remembering for the rest of your lives.

Now I ask you, Are you getting married this New Year 2012?

Silver & White wedding with a little Mexican Theme,…

I have another wedding to plan which is a bit different from others. This wedding is simple because the Bride & Groom have choosen the colors White, Silver & Black, but I need to incorporate the Mexican Theme to these colors, Mexican Theme is really very colorful, so this is going to be a challenge for me and I am excited to create and add these combinations together. I have saved some pictures with the colors and some Mexican pictures as well.

Any ideas and inputs are more than welcome.