Bridal Beauty Trends 2014

Bridal Beauty Trends 2014

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The 2014 bridal look is all about natural beauty, subtle glow and barely there nude lips with a touch of color.

To start with, the real key to this wedding trend is naturally beautiful skin.


Skin care should be at the top of list for every bride. Exfoliation is important to rid the skin of any flakiness along with proper moisturizing to keep the skin glowing. If you’re prone to breakouts, it’s a good idea to start with monthly facials six months before the wedding to keep breakouts in check and have the perfect canvas for your bridal makeup.


Foundation: with everything being in high definition, the last thing you want to use is a heavy opaque foundation that covers the skin completely. The camera see’s everything! You want to see the natural glow of your skin. 
For this reason, airbrush foundation, when applied properly is the best way to achieve the flawless natural look. Why?  Because it mixes tiny dots of makeup with your own skin showing through giving minimum coverage with maximum results.


Try warming up your complexion with tones of peach, coral or pale rose on your cheeks depending on your coloring.   Choose slightly transparent, fleshy reds, browns, or pinks for your lips.  Open your eyes with perfectly groomed eyebrows, accentuated brow bones, and defined curled lashes frame the eyes like a beautiful picture frame accentuates a painting. 
Many brides are using false lashes. I caution on this. Have a professional apply them if you are. Done properly this can give a beautiful big wide eye, if applied incorrectly it can give you more of a costume look.

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Eye Shadows should be in the neutral pallet. Avoid heavy frost in your shadows. The camera can distort this look and take away from the beauty of your own eyes.


Although there are many trends, from retro bride to the smokey-eyed bride, always keep in mind that you will be forever immortalized on film. Timeless beauty is always best!

Lynn Tassinari Wegiel has been a leader in the makeup industry for many years. Her work has been recognized internationally in the media and print.  You can view her portfolio at