Elite’s Bridal Shower Package

Our Bridal Shower Package provides the Maid of Honor with the ultimate in style and elegance, virtually eliminating any stress associated with planning a Wedding Shower.

  • Bridal Show Time Line/Time Management
  • What Happens at the Party
  • Assistance with Menu Selection
  • Helping with Location Selection
  • Opening a Bridal Shower
  • Theme Showers
  • Bridal Shower Party Games
  • Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
  • Referral for Bridal Shower Invitations a)Making Invitations, b)Whom to invite, c)What invitation should contain, d)Invitation Guidelines
  • Bridal Shower Food Ideas & Recipes


Bridal Shower Tips:

Who should host a Bridal Shower?

Is it proper for a family member of the bride to host?

Should other bridesmaids be included in the planning?

Should the bride help in planning the shower?

What about Surprise Showers?

When should the Shower be held?

Is it improper to host a Bridal Shower after the wedding?

Who should be invited to the Shower?

What kind of invitations are appropriate?

What information should be included in the invitation?

Is it proper to include registry information in the invitation Shower?

How should the guests RSVP?

When should the RSVP date be?

What should be done if a guest hasn’t RSVPed by the noted date?

When should the invitations be mailed?

What generally happens at a Shower?

How long should the Shower last?

Does a Shower have to have games?

What food should be served at the Shower?

You can have Elite Wedding & Event Planning help you with all this!!!


DIY Favor Boxes


Tiffany Blue Theme Wedding

There are many ideas and ways to have your own wedding favors, sometimes we think it takes alot of budget when it comes to party favors, but statistics say favors can range from $1-$5 per person, and if you choose wisely and incorporate each idea you can work a beautiful touching favor. Example here we have tiffany blue favor boxes which you can purchase at any Micheals Craft Store, inside you see the Lindt Chocolate RSVP, which you can purchase at any retail store or at Lindt Chocolate.

In Micheals Arts & Craft Store you will look for the “Celebrate It”, Occasions Square 20 ct. Boxes, Celebrate It Occasions favor boxes present even the simplest gifts with color and sophistication! These beautiful favor boxes enhance the décor of your wedding, bridal shower or other event, offering your guests a token of your thanks. Decorate these two-piece boxes with pretty touches of ribbon, charms or small flowers to complete the look. Each two-piece box measures 2”x2”x2”.

And for the Chocolate favors, you will find it on Lindt RSVP website, Lindor Truffles, LINDOR truffles are the ultimate smooth melting chocolate delight. Crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers using a secret recipe, the delicious LINDOR chocolate shell enrobes a delectably smooth filling. Once you break its shell, the filling will start to melt, and so will you. The stracciatella LINDOR truffle features a white chocolate shell with cocoa pieces and a white chocolate center.

When it comes to creating your own wedding favors, the love in being unique makes it special.

Bridal Show

Well the time is finally here, that moment each bride is waiting, each vendor, each wedding professional. Every year I am looking forward to visiting several shows around New England and just blog about them, but this year I might change my way of viewing these shows or the places I visit, I am planning on visiting a show in different cities, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and so forth, .

I am going to be assisting the Bridal Show this coming saturday so be on the look for my blog post and wonderful pictures.

Quince Planner on the go,….

Good morning, well as you all know when you are a Wedding & Event Planner, you wear many hats, their is just not one event you can not say “NO” to. These couple of days, weeks and months, I will be the “Quinceanera Planner on the go”, I have a six months to plan a  Quinceanero and will be very busy visiting vendors, decorating and so forth.

Working as a planner and coordinator for a “Quinceanera”, it alsmot like a wedding, it has many details as the weddings. Find transportation, invitations, photographer, videographer, decorations, church, venues, etc, etc… the only thing that can change are depending on what the parent wants, they can choose to have a small “Quince” or a big one, as far as a wedding even though it is small or big it requires the full details,…

My quince client wants “Damask” black & white color. Something elegant and traditional. Very beautiful, delicate and classy warm colors for a young girl transitioning from girl to women.

Stay on the look for more details as I go from Wedding to Quince planner on the go for these couple of days, weeks and months to come. Until then,.. Happy Wedding Saturday!!!

This is the dress!!


Over the years I have realized how difficult it is for brides to decide on the dress that speaks to them, makes them cry or just the one that fits perfectly. I realized choosing a dress is not easy and more difficult when the bride decides to take her bridal party with her to look around, all because not everyone has the same taste.

But when it comes to the bride herself, how do you choose your dress? How many dresses have you tried before you say “this is the dress”?

 You can answer my question by posting your comments below. I would love to hear from you, and what has been your most dramatic moment while choosing the dress?

Elite Wedding Planners are here!!!

I am so excited and very pleased to share “Elite Wedding & Event Planning” planner binders. These are exclusively made and are ours, we give them to the bride as a free gift once they book us and if someone wants to purchase it without booking us can contact us @ eliteweddingandeventplanning@gmail.com.


They look beautiful, we used the colors and our beautiful butterfly logo. In this binder we include many goodies such as papers, dividers, a guide to help planning, checklist and more!!’


Many more goodies are coming from us, be on the look!!

Meeting today with Women Wellness Day Spa

Here I am today again as always on the go, I have an exciting meeting with a Women Wellness Day Spa who wants to partner up with Elite Wedding & Event Planning.


So on our meeting today I will be offered a tour of the salon, chat then grab some informational packages for my brides to be. I for one am excited because I get to try their work before my brides do, aaaahhhhh the though of just sitting back and relieve all my stress and craziness.


Partnering with us is really important, we want I give our sponsors, vendors, all comfort we can, this is why I will be offering them one of my services for free as well, this is what you call networking and helping each other. I am really looking forward to growing my business here locally because it is a tough place, I mean with the economy and all it seems brides are wanting to plan their weddings on their own, which don’t get me wrong I think it’s an awesome idea, but let’s be honest here for a second, if you can afford it…..wouldn’t you want to hire a wedding planner? Even me being a planner I would hire one, weddings are special, an experience to enjoy not to stress over.


So like I said before, I am really looking forward to this meeting and will post pictures of the salon and all information for all you brides out there. Until later!!!!


Good morning brides


Today is Friday and although it may seem like a calm and final day for others, for me it is still a crazy working day, meeting with brides, work, and my own kids.
I will be posting a contest for brides to be but I want to make sure I use it productively, and for brides. It will be fun and exciting and best of all the gift will be a cake topper. I will provide more information as I can later on this evening. For now if you are reading this and know of a bride who can use a cake tipper and would love participate, let her know about my blog.

Till later.,,, out to fabulous world!!!