DIY Favor Boxes


Tiffany Blue Theme Wedding

There are many ideas and ways to have your own wedding favors, sometimes we think it takes alot of budget when it comes to party favors, but statistics say favors can range from $1-$5 per person, and if you choose wisely and incorporate each idea you can work a beautiful touching favor. Example here we have tiffany blue favor boxes which you can purchase at any Micheals Craft Store, inside you see the Lindt Chocolate RSVP, which you can purchase at any retail store or at Lindt Chocolate.

In Micheals Arts & Craft Store you will look for the “Celebrate It”, Occasions Square 20 ct. Boxes, Celebrate It Occasions favor boxes present even the simplest gifts with color and sophistication! These beautiful favor boxes enhance the décor of your wedding, bridal shower or other event, offering your guests a token of your thanks. Decorate these two-piece boxes with pretty touches of ribbon, charms or small flowers to complete the look. Each two-piece box measures 2”x2”x2”.

And for the Chocolate favors, you will find it on Lindt RSVP website, Lindor Truffles, LINDOR truffles are the ultimate smooth melting chocolate delight. Crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers using a secret recipe, the delicious LINDOR chocolate shell enrobes a delectably smooth filling. Once you break its shell, the filling will start to melt, and so will you. The stracciatella LINDOR truffle features a white chocolate shell with cocoa pieces and a white chocolate center.

When it comes to creating your own wedding favors, the love in being unique makes it special.


DIY Bride Invitation

There is nothing better than creating your very own invitations, they are not only a very cheap way to save money but also something you can fell treasured and loved by making with your very own hands, as a Wedding Planner, I find it admiring to do things on our own.

This is another invitation I made as a sample, I used Chocolate with Turquoise Green lace and added a little bling on the top wording which gave it a fancy touch.

I am always trying to find ways to save my brides time and money, this is why I choose things on my own at times.

Blue Table Decor

Everytime I decide to change my table setting I will take pictures and share them even if its something simple like my Simple Blue Setting here:

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I just placed artificial flowers in a vase with crystals in the bottom, some candles around, blue table mats, siver platter and white and blue stripes ceramic plates, then I added some napkins, I made a pattern, one plate has plane blue napkin and others have stripes white & blue napkins.

I hope you all like it.

Glass with style




I took the time to add some style on some wine glass I had which looked alittle plain.
On the first one I glued some simple mini flowers, which was used at my sons wedding.
The next one I twisted some white beaded christmas decor, I created a different look on each.

These other sets was created as gifts for brides, I purchased paint for ceramics and scribbled several colored circles, and a bow you can add names, dates, or just a thank you engraving.
Please be on the look for more diy wedding ideas.

Posted from Jessica Ares