Elite’s Bridal Shower Package

Our Bridal Shower Package provides the Maid of Honor with the ultimate in style and elegance, virtually eliminating any stress associated with planning a Wedding Shower.

  • Bridal Show Time Line/Time Management
  • What Happens at the Party
  • Assistance with Menu Selection
  • Helping with Location Selection
  • Opening a Bridal Shower
  • Theme Showers
  • Bridal Shower Party Games
  • Bridal Shower Gift Ideas
  • Referral for Bridal Shower Invitations a)Making Invitations, b)Whom to invite, c)What invitation should contain, d)Invitation Guidelines
  • Bridal Shower Food Ideas & Recipes


Bridal Shower Tips:

Who should host a Bridal Shower?

Is it proper for a family member of the bride to host?

Should other bridesmaids be included in the planning?

Should the bride help in planning the shower?

What about Surprise Showers?

When should the Shower be held?

Is it improper to host a Bridal Shower after the wedding?

Who should be invited to the Shower?

What kind of invitations are appropriate?

What information should be included in the invitation?

Is it proper to include registry information in the invitation Shower?

How should the guests RSVP?

When should the RSVP date be?

What should be done if a guest hasn’t RSVPed by the noted date?

When should the invitations be mailed?

What generally happens at a Shower?

How long should the Shower last?

Does a Shower have to have games?

What food should be served at the Shower?

You can have Elite Wedding & Event Planning help you with all this!!!

Bridal Show

Well the time is finally here, that moment each bride is waiting, each vendor, each wedding professional. Every year I am looking forward to visiting several shows around New England and just blog about them, but this year I might change my way of viewing these shows or the places I visit, I am planning on visiting a show in different cities, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and so forth, .

I am going to be assisting the Bridal Show this coming saturday so be on the look for my blog post and wonderful pictures.

Bridal Shows

On Saturday, January 7th, 2012 Elite Wedding & Event Planning had the pleasure to assist The Springfield Bridal Expo @ Home of the Big E grounds in Springfield Massachusetts. I had an extremely great time since for me ‘Bridal Shows” is like being in a toy store, lol you had to see me I literatly was opened mouth and just wondering around, gathering magazines, papers, ideas, tasting cake, cookies wow it goes on and on, until I sat down and watched the fashion show. Here I am just sharing some pictures not much because I was really busy networking with other professionals and did not want to seem rude, by moving aside and take pictures,.

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There were many great vendors. I am just going to add some of the vendor tables there:

  • JA Sculptures in Ice
  • McClelland’s Florist
  • Lab/CabinDelany House
  • Snap Shots Unlimited
  • i DO
  • After Hours DJ Entertainment
  • Agua Turf Club/Farmington Club
  • Allegra Farm
  • Valley View Acres
  • Theresa King Enterprises
  • Rock The Aisle
  • Thirty One Gifts
  • A Limo Affair
  • The Bridal Guide
  • Nina’s Cookies
  • Brides.com
  • The Book For All Brides
  • The Wedding Day Source Book

And so much more, if I add all the vendors it will be an extremely long list. I highly recommend you all to visit a show of any kind, you really get alot from it, ideas, friends, information and so forth. I have more shows to attend and will add more information as I gather more.

Getting ready for your first bridal show,…

The decision to exhibit at a bridal show requires evaluating financial and contractual factors to ensure that the marketing investment has a positive return. The following is a list of all the good reasons to make the decision to exhibit:

  • Meeting with potential new customers
  • Promoting your brand in the industry
  • Rolling out new products or services
  • Learning customer’s needs
  • Monitoring industry trends
  • Monitoring competitor’s products and services

Too often, companies exhibit because

  • A show producer sold them a “deal” or “package”
  • “Our competitors do”
  • “We always do”



Picture from Bridal Show Images


For your first bridal show booth, consider renting the smallest possible booth. You’ll be learning a lot about what you do and don’t want to do in future shows, so its usually best to keep your expenses lower while you learn by trial and error.


More ideas and information about bridal shows each day, please come back for updated posts.brida