The most exciting time of the Year!!


There comes a time in life when we decide to be happy, and that time is now, getting engaged. Couples are always choosing dates when it comes to making it special, a time to remember all their life and a time to share with loved ones. Some choose to get engaged on Christmas, some on New Years but the most important thing is these two holidays are one to always remember and one to always be on the look, According to a survey conducted by wedding website,, 39 percent of marriage proposals occur between Thanksgiving and Valentines Day with 16 percent happening at Christmastime.

New Years Eve has become an increasingly popular day to get engaged for many couples. It is a new year and a new start. Many couples have plans to go out somewhere anyways, so maybe their significant other is not as suspicious of their plans to propose because they already have planned a big night out.

Engagement ring shopping has also changed because of technology and social media.

Almost every lady that comes in has a ring that she likes on her Pinterest account. About 50 percent of engagement ring customers will shop with a close friend or the mother of their bride-to-be.

So all we have to do now is sit, wait and see who and how many get engaged from now until January 1st, 2015 and other years to come!!!

Happy Engagement from IT Events 


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