Milton A. Lozada & Yaisha Ortiz


Milton & Yaisha meet on 2010, at a typical Hispanic party, where like all teens visit just to have fun while being single, not expecting to find true love. It was a friends celebration, they knew it was first love when eyes to eyes met at one glance. Walking towards Yaisha, Milton decided to ask her for a dance and she accepted without remorse, after a few hours of fun, laughter, and dancing both single teens exchange phone numbers, a few months later of phone calls,dating and knowing more about each other they decided to take the relationship to another level as “Boyfriend” & “Girlfriend”.

When it comes to special moments we choose to cherish, everyone has a different perspective. Milton & Yaishas first official date was to the Boston Museum, where he asked Yaisha to meet his parents, to her surprise and everyone’s we know what it means when the guy says, ” I want you to meet my parents”, lol Yaisha was nervous and with butterflies in her stomach she said “ok”.

As time passed by they found themselves so deeply inlove, this love and passion took them to bring a beautiful child to this world, a boy who calling her “mommy” fills her life with joy & happiness, his name is Yaimil Edwardo Lozada, he is the charm to their future, the one who gives them a reason to wake up every morning smile, working hard each day to bring what needs to bring in a home sweet home.


This lovely couple I can say are so passionate and devoted to one another, they work together and struggle together, if one falls, the other is there to lend the hand and lift up, not many teen couples think like this anymore, honestly the true meaning of love has been vanishing from time.


Yaimil, their child has been the reason for the strong bond they have together, he has been he reason Milton decided to ask Yaishas hand in marriage. Such an emotional moment when it comes to see the groom kneel down on one knee and ask, “would you marry me?”, well this couple was the opposite, lol he asked her hand in marriage while driving his car, which makes the story kind of funny and so totally cool, something new, she said “yes”, and from their they chooses the date to “March 2014”, Milton says what he totally loves about his fiancé is her cooking, her compassionate way of being mom, and future wife, not forgetting to mention he falls crazy in love with her because she is so sexy. Yaisha says she loves the way he is always surprising her with details, hard working man and a wonderful father. She says when they look eye to eye, it’s like having the world put in pause.



I am so happy Milton & Yaisha has chosen “Elite Wedding & Events” to share such a special moment in life, and we will make their wedding the best time to remember!!


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