In the eyes of a wonderful Makeup artist

Pamela Dintzner is not only Elite Wedding & Events vendor, but one of the best makeup artist we have ever met and gues what? She is a soon to be bride.

Pamela expressed to stay on top of trends for the season she always resorts to the latest trends from fashion week and all of the fashion magazines. She also follows the blogs of many industry professionals. Her favorite Spring/Summer 2013 trend is PINK this season, I am seeing it on lips, lids, lashes, its not just for cheeks anymore, says Pamela. Lashes are in and the longer the better. Colored mascaras are making a come back from the 90’s. NEONS are being used with strategic placement. For example neon green eyeliner, on a minimalist nude face. All of these trends make me wanna SPRING into Spring….but my favorite trend is nude brows! Why is this you ask? Because my brows are naturally nude, lets face it practically invisible. As a creative person, what are some other creative things you like to do? It is rare that I ever get the time to do this, but I absolutely love to paint. I started painting as a Senior in high school. My grandparents got me an easel and a tackle box full of acrylic paints. I used a Bob Ross book as a guide, you know the “happy tree guy”. I used to watch his painting shows as a small kid and knew one day I wanted to paint just like him. I guess watching all of his instructions paid off because I ended up duplicated a few of his paintings, says Pamela with excitement in her eyes. She is really someone you not only see in her face the love for making brides beautiful on their special day, but someone who loves to work hard learning colors, meanings and importance in each tone.

What is your top beauty tip? I have a whole beauty bible full of tips! I would default to saying beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin, but I feel like everyone knows that already. With that said it is important to have a morning skin routine to prep your skin for make up. It is equally important to have a night time skin routine, because at night is when your skin is repairing itself.
Another tip I have is to always use a primer! You wouldn’t paint your walls without priming them first, right? Well its the same with your face. Your foundation will look flawless and will also be longer wearing, when applying a foundation primer first. Same with eye makeup. Apply an eyelid primer or cream shadow first before applying your eyeshadow. You will find the eyeshadow is more vivid, it will last longer and won’t crease.

We needed to ask our beloved artist, how and why did she decide to become a makeup artist?
I’ve always loved makeup! I started wearing it at age 13 and have had black winged liner ever since. I became a professional makeup artist in 2007 when I started working at makeup counter, to put myself through college. I started at Estee Lauder, then became the business manager for Shu Uemura, where I grew a passion for the business aspect of the industry. I ended my retail career at MAC where I became certified and learned so many things that make me the artist I am today. I’ve had my freelance business KiSSandMaKeUp since 2010, where I do makeup for all occasions, was her great answer. What inspires me to bring beauty to brides is a real honor when a bride hires me to do their makeup on their wedding day. That means with all the other professionals in the industry, they trust me to make them look their absolute best on the most important day of their life. After all, the makeup in their wedding photos will be looked at for many years to come. I take great pride in making sure every detail of their makeup is perfect, and I know my brides appreciate me for that.
I’m inspired to bring beauty to brides because it’s a wonderful feeling to be apart of such an important day. Although I am doing the makeup, I always get swept up in the couples love story!




You can learn more about Pamela Dintzner by visiting her Facebook fanpage and website below, make sure you say hi to such a talented women.

Written by Jessica Ares & Elite Wedding & Events