Meetings and more meetings


Ok so here I am as I stated on my blogging name “Wedding Planner on the go”, and it sure fits me so well. I have been out and about these past few months. December was gone and so was the holidays so as soon as that dies then comes to life the working and planning events.
On Friday January 18, I had a meeting with my caterer for my clients sweet fifteen, which was pretty busy because sometimes your clients are not satisfies with the first vendors you recommended them, they want to try several before making a decision, which I totally agree because I myself am this way.
On Thursday January 24, I had an interview with the Republican Newspaper but this time nothing to do with vendors or ads for my “Bridal Night Out” event, it has to do with me working as a reporter for the “Pueblo Latino” newspaper.
On Tuesday January 29, I had to give a Lindt RSVP chocolate party for a friend, now Wednesday was like the busiest day ever, I was happy to have met so many friends and business like minded women, on Wednesday January 30, i met with Debbie Scorcinelli, a wonswrful business women, she has her own business called “Its a girl”, great and beautiful products by the way, then I had an appointment with my son at the dentist, during the evening I also has to meet up with Christine Ghareeb a “Origami Owl” consultant and Dawn Mulverry a “Celebrating Home” consultant, we were going over some projects “Elite Wedding & Event Planning” is working on.
So today I met with Stephanie L. Wesolowski owner of “Glitz, Glamour & Elegance” a bridal florist and other bridal elegance work needed. We met because she is going to be a vendor at our “Bridal Night Out” event, the most exciting this was that while waiting for my florist vendor I was also waiting for a cheesecake maker, I had ordered a cheesecake from her for my party on saturday, so we had one full hour to talk and network together it was great and just a wonderful opportunity to get closer.
Well this is enough for now, tomorrow I will blog more as I am meeting with three more vendors for the bridal show. Tadaaa hasta mañana 🙂 love me


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