Quince Planner on the go,….

Good morning, well as you all know when you are a Wedding & Event Planner, you wear many hats, their is just not one event you can not say “NO” to. These couple of days, weeks and months, I will be the “Quinceanera Planner on the go”, I have a six months to plan a  Quinceanero and will be very busy visiting vendors, decorating and so forth.

Working as a planner and coordinator for a “Quinceanera”, it alsmot like a wedding, it has many details as the weddings. Find transportation, invitations, photographer, videographer, decorations, church, venues, etc, etc… the only thing that can change are depending on what the parent wants, they can choose to have a small “Quince” or a big one, as far as a wedding even though it is small or big it requires the full details,…

My quince client wants “Damask” black & white color. Something elegant and traditional. Very beautiful, delicate and classy warm colors for a young girl transitioning from girl to women.

Stay on the look for more details as I go from Wedding to Quince planner on the go for these couple of days, weeks and months to come. Until then,.. Happy Wedding Saturday!!!


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