At home parties…..dull?

Ready to have a party at home?, did you know parties at home doesn’t have to be dull, you can have a exciting party at home with any party plan company and make it fun, exciting and having your guests wanting more or book their own parties as well.
Just think outside of the box, Who ever said decorations, cake, appetizers and gifts are only for birthdays and other events. You see, every time I offer myself to host a party at home for someone I make it the best of the best, I decorate, I make appetizers, I serve drinks (wine), and hand out gifts as a thank you for being there and support our consultant.
I hosted a party for Slumber Parties by and it was great, since their colors were red and black I decorated my home with these same ones, I even made center pieces for two columns I ha placed next to the table full of gifts, I served appetizers and nice relaxing red wine. It really brought the best of that night because everyone felt it was not only a party at home where you hear about demos and place orders but a time to relax, talk, share, and interact with other gals.

My party at home list:
Send invitations
Recheck my guest list
Make sure RSVP is reviewed and checked
Pad & Pens (use for signing in and games)
Gifts bags
Inside gifts ( thank you token)
Table covers (if needed)
Create my own center piece according to colors
Balloons (if needed)
Cake (if needed)
Bottle of waters (decorate according to colors)
Name tags
Aromatic candles
Gift for consultant
Decorations and accessories needed according to event done that night.

Your party doesn’t have to be boring or dull, let us help you and bring some excitement to your party, wether its a candle party, Tupperware, Avon, etc, etc… We have all the ideas and we leave the touch. All you have to do is be ready for your guests.

(picture is not mine, this is just an example of the many things we can do to give our guests as a thank you gift)

Remember the first impression is what counts, and when your guest walks in the door to see your party space, they will never think it twice to become part of your next party at home.

Let Elite Wedding & Event Planning be part of your next party @ home, you will never regret it!!!!


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