Meeting today with Women Wellness Day Spa

Here I am today again as always on the go, I have an exciting meeting with a Women Wellness Day Spa who wants to partner up with Elite Wedding & Event Planning.


So on our meeting today I will be offered a tour of the salon, chat then grab some informational packages for my brides to be. I for one am excited because I get to try their work before my brides do, aaaahhhhh the though of just sitting back and relieve all my stress and craziness.


Partnering with us is really important, we want I give our sponsors, vendors, all comfort we can, this is why I will be offering them one of my services for free as well, this is what you call networking and helping each other. I am really looking forward to growing my business here locally because it is a tough place, I mean with the economy and all it seems brides are wanting to plan their weddings on their own, which don’t get me wrong I think it’s an awesome idea, but let’s be honest here for a second, if you can afford it…..wouldn’t you want to hire a wedding planner? Even me being a planner I would hire one, weddings are special, an experience to enjoy not to stress over.


So like I said before, I am really looking forward to this meeting and will post pictures of the salon and all information for all you brides out there. Until later!!!!



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