New meeting today


Here I am dragging myself to get things set for an afternoon meeting. My body aches, and to imagine my pain of taking things to my office, yes you heard right, I havent taken anything to my office, I got held by the vacation week.
Today I will be meeting with a new bride, a 2013 bride. I will be meeting with her at a coffee location because I have nothing in my office.

I will be posting updates if she hires my services. I am excited and will be pretty busy  I will be joining professionals and other vendors at the Fall New England Bridal Show, so this is something I am always looking foward to. Its a great experience to meet and greet the brides, the smiles and joy in their faces. I will be contacting my vendors and see if they want to provide samples, I usuallu provide the brides my preffered vendors list instantly if they book us on the show.
So this is it for now, I need to finalize some papers for my meeting. Hasta luego.

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