You do not have to become a “Bridezilla”, part 2


As I mentioned on my first article about “Bridezilla’s”, brides just reach this extent because they are really, really stressed, and this is so normal.
But at what extent does she become this bitter, angry, outburst, screaming bride?, someone totally different before the wedding plans began?. This is a question which has everyone moving heads back and forth.

Why does it become a drama?, why does it become a dilemma?, is the true definition of “Bridezilla” the one we see in the tv show “Bridezilla”, on WE tv? Or is it a little less?. Not all brides are zillas, and this is one reason I am against the word at its all. Moments of anger, stress, confussions, will become part of any event planning, (trust me…as a wedding planner you see a side of me it may seem intimidating but at the end you see what you pay me for),.

I will find myself constantly writing about brides, because this is an issue you see over and over, some are sweet, some are understanding, some are just plain rude, but look at them all, deep down these brides are just nervous, excited and eager to walk that ile and say “I do”.

While searching around as to what does the word “bridezilla” really means I found this quite interesting meaning, bridezilla comes from dificult bride, combined with godzilla, ok as always this is the same definition I am seeing everywhere. I have read brides say how they are not happy with the constant labeling of this word.

Not because a bride cries, flips out, becomes stress, worries or even become anxious is a bridezilla, and I can bet on anything many brides to be agree with me on this one. Brides are also consern this word is thrown around a lot to describe them but it does not mean its accurate.

Bridezilla or not, I love brides, they look beautiful, they shine, they are truly blessed to marry the man of their dreams.

I will go ahead and keep researching information as to what and why will a bride change to such a drastic emotion, understanding she is overly nervous and really wants everything for her wedding to be perfect, and hey…who ever said their is not a groomzilla out there, guys are normal too and they too are organized as well.

You bride reading this…what is the limit where a bride shall be labeled “bridezilla?”


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