My meeting with new florist was great!!

Yeah, I know I had promised an update sooner and here I am a week later posting about my meeting with the florist, but as a wedding planner, event, designer, etc, etc I was really caught up with June bride mock tables, purchasing my business liability insurance, which I finally did,…yaay.., and other busy day to day schedule.
Well the florist was such a wonderful person, we talked and talked for almost over three hours, yikes..well I speak for myself when I say, “I can really talk”, lol. We had a wonderful conversation about flowers, venues, brides, websites and even made some jokes which was really nice because it really helped breaking the ice, let me say I loved her flower shop, oh my God!! I wanted to sit and just prettend it was my home,lol. She had beautiful displays around the shop, and gave me the opportunity to take some pictures which I will share in a bit. She asked some questions about my business and I asked her questions about her business and we even exchanged business cards. It was really nice to see that she requested I bring her some promotional items to share for her clients, wow. This is something on my to-do list for tomorrow, right now I am working on 21 center pieces for June bride.


This is one of the shops display, I fell inlove with the colors, and they way they just let open the drawers with lilac crystals. Doesnt it look eye catching?


Now look at this display, even looks like a magazine picture, this is art, I say its not what you classify yourself, its the art behind your work that is really the first impression.

This is another display created by using a street flower cart, now this is so adorable, like I said her flower shop says it all.


You know what caught my attention in this wall display?, the green…my livingroom walls has two green ones and it really impressed me to see how you can organize a entire wall the same color, and not look dull, the touch is in what items and supplies you coordinate with.


Ahhh yes, just a simple wooden reading or computer desk filled with flowers, this is my kind of decoration,… I loved it!!


Another beautiful wall display, using lilac and some baby blue, who ever said these colors would not blend, it is tremendously beautiful.


This was my favorite, lol yeah because I just cant get enough when it comes to aromatic candles.


This was table placed by the entrance window, with such beauty.


This beautiful center piece she shared while working, when I had the meeting with her, at that moment they were in the process of creating 121 of these center pieces.


Another beautiful display, also in green which really caught my eye.


God this looks awesome, lol…. I know im drooling here for beauty.. I just love vintage looking decoration, I have a huge weakness for it.


This is part of the 121 center pieces she was actually working on, arent they artistic?


The third and final piece she was working on.

This was a wonderful experience I had, you see, not all vendors are willing to have a moment to really interact with wedding planners. If you really want to network with another vendor, take the time to really know them, their work and really understand what this work really means to them. I had such a wonderful time, I told her I will add her business to my vendors prefferd list.

Well, well now its time for me to continue my center piece mount, still have a few to go.

Have a wonderful day today!!


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