Wedding Planner & no make up!!

Good morning, well its 8:23am and here I am sitting in the waiting room while my son is getting checked up on by the Ortho, (yawning)…drank some coffee which was cold and not so good, so go figure it has not have the power to wake me up the right way.
so here I am all crazy, hair not done, no make up, no perfume, seriuosly looking like poop, jajaja so all of a sudden someone approaches my car and tells me, “hi,.. I noticed your a wedding planner so I wanted to hand you my cards,.. I am a photographer”, so I said sure and I handed him some of mine, we smiled and he said, “this is the good thing about networking”. Well I need to say this made my morning although I totally looked like a mess, jaja that’ll teach me a lesson right?



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