Anyone can have a Candy Buffet,..

Who ever said candies were only for kids,.. I think in any and every event there should be a “Candy Buffet”, all sorts of style, colors, sizes and taste. It gives not only an additional place for guests to visit besides their tables to eat, share and conversate with each other, but also a place to remember that special event. I love candies, and I love the feeling of serving myself.

David Tutera Wedding Collection – Candy Buffet Scoop Set (Set of 4 Scoops)

Using scoops per place can make the buffet more classy, and also placing a scoop in each box as a favor would also give the guest something to keep and remember. You can also place a nice colored ribbon on each scoop, using the same colors as the candies.

I really admire all the things David Tutera has done for Brides around the world, and how he devotes himself for them. being able to see such human being bring so much to the Wedding Industry has really made a huge difference in how weddings must and will be seen. A wedding now is  not only a once in a lifetime moment but a journey to remember for the rest of your life, how you begin your wedding and are wedded, is how your journey begins.

The candy buffet I will be creating for my June Bride will be Chocolate & Turquoise colors, I will be posting pictures of how it all went. For now just enjoy Davids Wedding Collection and more to come, I have seen many so far in JoAnns Fabric and I must say David has awesome taste, he knows what we like and what we want to see in an Event.


One thought on “Anyone can have a Candy Buffet,..

  1. So very true! Candy is not jut for kids – I’ve seen adults stand around a candy table and reminisce about their childhoods, their favorite candies and how excited they are to be able to think about those happy moments. Can’t wait to see the pictures from your June display!

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