The many hats of a wedding planner


Wedding planners wear many hats when it comes to work. Sometimes we can do something or do it all, or sometimes we need to learn and say “no” to everything, before we can say yes, but this seems a bit hard because as a Wedding Planner we love our brides and all we want is to see them happy no matter what. Like me, here I am posting on my blog through my phone, while running errands, looking around to expand my business to a bigger place.
Many hats of a wedding planner can be good and can also be heavy, hectic and draining. I try to please my brides in all I am capable of, and creative. If I can make a flower arrangement  I do it, if I have to make invitations,…i make them.
We can decorate as well as plan anything to please our brides.
Today I visited a local and fell so inlove with it, I want to lease it so badly I can taste success. I will keep you all posted on my new business… I am ALWAYS there for my Brides no matter what, and this is why I said “THE MANY HATS OF A WEDDING PLANNER”,


My Brides

My Life

Their Wedding

My Plan

Their Dreams & Visions

Will Come True!!!!!


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