As it’s Friday (yay!) we have some sweet inspiration to get your mouths watering and ready to indulge this weekend! The lovely Claire Appleby, buffet stylist at The Candy Buffet Company is guest blogging today and is revealing how to plan your candy buffet to perfection.

Candy BuffetTiffany's candy buffet
Claire: “Regardless of whether you are hiring a candy buffet professional or doing it yourself, there are a few important considerations involved in the successful delivery of a candy buffet that have very little to do with what goes into the jars. The how and where of a candy buffet is just as important as the what.
Let’s begin with how you are going to position the candy buffet at your reception. You really have three alternatives:

  1. It can be either tucked away in a discreet area of the room or the foyer of the venue or
  2. Place it as the very centerpiece of the…

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