You do not have to become a “Bridezilla”…..


What is a “Bridezilla”, and why has society began to call it this way?


A bridezilla is a bride-to-be who is so focused on creating a perfect wedding that she is extremely unreasonable. Bridezillas tend to destroy everyone in their path with their demanding attitudes. The name, bridezilla, was inspired by the 1954 Japanese movie monster, Godzilla which starred in a remake of the film Godzilla, released in 1998.



Planning a wedding is stressful for all brides and it’s only natural for a bride to want everything to be perfect. But a bridezilla is a bride who doesn’t just want everything for her wedding day to be perfect. She expects and demands it to the point of shouting at everyone. While regular brides may get a little teary or frustrated during the wedding preparation process, bridezillas tend to be overly emotional if even the smallest detail is not exactly what they want.


Not every beautiful “Bride-to-be” needs to become a “Bridezilla”, you are

“Exquisite”, beautiful, the honored one, the angel of your “Groom”, everyone will say and see you are the lucky one because that “Groom” has choosen “YOU”.

There are many ways to avoid feeling streesed, tired, moody, and as if a wedding planning is a no way out. You, (Bride), are not alone, many people are there to support and guide you, first and far most…. a “wedding planner”, we are here to guide you, but most important, let you enjoy your plans and let us take the hard part and turn it into “Your Wedding of Your Dreams”, because this is what your day supposed to become, magic, smile, tears of joy, that kiss you’ve been yearning for since the moment you said “Yes” to him,.


Enjoy your planning by visiting spa, sharing with friends on a “Girls Night Out”, visiting the beach, taking a nice and relaxing tan, practice yoga, sex education classes will be great, maybe even a party at home, contacting your Avon or Mary Kay Representative,… the list goes on and on. My point is, the Bride really isnt a Bridezilla, she is just over stressed, scared and excited to become his wife, and “WE” should always try and understand them.


Til my next article, enjoy and remember to take each day as it comes and enjoy your wedding plans.



Written by Jessica Ares, Owner of Elite Wedding & Event Planning


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