Choosing your wedding theme…

When it comes to choosing a theme for your wedding, you need to remember what inspiration you want to share and let your guests see in you, while your walking down the ile.


I took some time to research and found some “Themes”, I wanted to share. Some are added as I thought of it and will also include details as I think of them. Being not only a planner but a decorator, gives me the wonderful opportunity to create my ideas and small details for these themes. I will also add another post on the colors of each “Theme”


  • Apple Themed Wedding
  • Beach Themed Wedding
  • Butterfly Wedding
  • Candyland Themed Wedding
  • Colored Combination Wedding (here i will add combinations of different colors and how beautiful they go together without YOU even knowing these colors would go together, its a mix match wedding.)
  • Fall Wedding
  • Halloween Themed Wedding
  • Las Vegas Themed Wedding
  • Petals Wedding
  • Summer Wedding
  • Spring Wedding
  • Sunflower Wedding
  • Tea Cup Wedding
  • Tropical Wedding
  • Valentines Day Wedding
  • Vintage Themed Wedding
  • Wine Themed Wedding
  • WinterWonderland Themed Wedding

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