Wedding Elements

There are three types of Wedding Elements some brides should know.


Traditional, Trendy & Personalized.


Traditional: Is still the foundation of most weddings, some brides prefer a wedding that strictly adheres to tradition. For example, some brides would likely choose to wear a white wedding dress or select a white, buttercream icing cake with a bride-and-groom cake topper.

Wedding traditions and meanings varies cultures, tribal groups and religion. In some cases, some wedding customs follows superstitious beliefs examples are: presentations of gifts such as jewelries,money,flowers or any symbolic item from the family’s heirloom. During this special day, the bride and groom wears their special “wedding dress and suit”.

 Here we have the traditional Cambodian wedding is celebrated for three days that represents the Three Jewels of Buddhism: Buddha, brotherhood of Monks (Sangha) and the Teachings of Buddha (Dhamma). But some Cambodian in modern days do not practice the 3 days celebration and instead make it a one day celebration.





Trendy: Bride who are drawn to and represent the latest trends, consciously

fashionable. That crushed satin, lamour, and linen with glitz and glamour.


Here is a sample of a Trendy Ceremony and some flowers, old flowers used for this element.

Using a gazebo is the creation of romantic style, while observing the sunset.


Old Roses are a huge must for Trendy Weddings.



Personalized: Couples often use this element to include a symbol that reflects their union. They often have a special meaning, for the brides, groom and even families.

Replacing the bride and groom wedding cake topper with a monogram cake is also a way to use the “Personalized Element Wedding”.



[Picture from “a cake to remember” ]


This cake is a sample of a Personalized Wedding,

[Picture from: soireebliss]


This is a beautiful, I just had to share.


Hope soome brides enjoy this useful information, I will be posting more idea, tips and advice for the “Brides to Be”


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