Welcome aboard to my crazy & exciting journey as a wedding planner

As a Wedding Planner, we are always on the go, wether its to visit clients, make errands or just meet with vendors. I personally just love the crazy and moving life of a wedding planner, I love the decorating, the calls I recieve asking for my help and or advice, I love to buy supplies and give me input in things, I love meeting with the vendor, especially when it comes to meeting with the food/cake vendors,..lol and I speak not for myself because I am sure all wedding planners love this time,( the tasting time..lol) as so does the grooms.

When I became a Wedding Planner, I knew what I was up for. I knew there were times when I could not even take for myself, BUT as a wedding planner, mom and taxi mom, working from home was something I wanted and need to really learn how to set some bounderies when it comes to not working at a certain time,. Sometimes the brides, vendors have emergencies and we really cannot just ignore the calls, but I for sure know that a best way not to ignore them and also not make them feel bad is adjust a answering machine, this way you can hear what they are in need of, and if it is indeed a urgent matter, then this is when we take action,.

Anyways this is my journey blog, I want to share what I do and how loco I go as my day passes. I am also going to use this journaling source for my to do list. If you are a bride, bride-to-be, or a wedding planner and would love to share your tips, ask questions or just become a guest blogger, let me know, keep in touch with me. I really try to blog everyday, but sometimes I get so distracted with my busy schedule I tend to forget and comes the next day and I will post both days in one, which I think its ok, because you are still reading what I have been on.

I will have a categories for Tips I have been writing down which I consider are a good idea for other wedding planners, nothing mayor or difficult, I am pretty sure most Wedding Planners know them by now, I just been jotting down what ever I listen, see or am being told and create a tip notebook. I also have a Idea notebook, which I can also share as well.

Well I am off for now, today I have a new couple I will sign contract with, their wedding is on June 23, 2012, and you all know how the weddings are, we need to do things on a timely manner and beautifully to avoid the bride & groom a stressful moment. Have a joyous and wonderful day today.


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